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All website owners that want to make money online know that after creating the website comes the challenge of making it visible in the search engine results page. For your page to be visible means it has been properly optimized but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be quite difficult unless you are a pro of course. So, to have higher ranks, there is SEOPressor Connect, a premium WordPress plugin.

What is SEOPressor Connect?

SEOPressor is a plugin for WordPress that helps you take control of your search engine results ranking. Creating great contents is never enough, you also have to optimize your website to increase website traffic and traffic is money!

There are millions of websites out there and you have to make yours more search-friendly by proper optimization and link management in order to outrank others.

SEOPressor Connect is very popular and trusted by thousands of website owners, it has 5 core pillars that make it a premium WordPress among various plugins. The 5 pillars are:

1. On-Page Analysis – This displays real-time score of your On-Page Optimization and can help you understand your progress, even if you are a complete beginner. It gives you instant feedback and optimization suggestions to improve your On-Page SEO signals and will help you prevent over optimization.

2. SEO Intelligence – It gathers your website’s most essential SEO insights and displays them in one place, saving you time and effort to browse through different analytics just to see what is wrong. This feature alerts you if there is something wrong with your website.

3. Semantic Builder – Lets you organize the most important markup standards and can improve the search relevancy easily.

4. Crawler Control – This will help you decide how search engines can crawl and navigate your website, gaining complete control.

5. Link Management – Monitors your optimum link profile to provide your users a delightful browsing experience.

Who is the Creator of SEOPressor Connect?

Daniel Tan developed and launched SEOPressor Connect and he aims to make it the best plugin for all your WordPress SEO needs, making very useful features to ride with the constant changes of SEO.

How to Use SEOPressor Connect?

With SEOPressor Connect, you can focus more on creating engaging content because it will handle all the optimization needs to boost your website ranking.

Once installed, SEOPressor creates its own menu in the WordPress Dashboard. You will have eight relevant options in your menu: Site Audit, Sitewide SEO, Homepage Settings, Link Manager, Score Manager, Role Settings, Plugin Settings and Tuts & Support. All of these options are helpful, one displays the general state of your website and can analyze and update your SEO results at any time.

There are options that you need to configure like your company/business information, the title of your page and its description. Just fill out necessary details. You don’t need to worry because the settings are easy and understandable. The important thing is you don’t need to worry about optimization of your content anymore.


1. It has the most complete toolkit for on-page SEO!

2. It is like having an SEO consultant as your assistant, directly notifying you of the best optimization opportunities.

3. Know your site’s SEO condition at a glance.

4. It supports multiple domains with just one license.

5. SEOPressor Connect subscribers receive FREE lifetime full updates, including al features in the future.

6. You will have online support; your queries will be answered within 48 hours.

7. Trusted by over 13,000 website owners.

8. It has a lot of valuable and relevant features compared to other WordPress SEO Plugins.

9. Powerful tool to increase your website traffic.


1. Monthly subscription fee.

2. Needs internet connection.

3. It does not work with free blogs because they do not support plugins.


SEOPressor Connect makes you feel like a total expert in properly optimizing your site even if you are a complete newbie. It has lots of powerful features that will greatly help you achieve better traffic and higher rankings. This revolutionizes SEO and can accelerate your money-making opportunities. With this plugin you can concentrate on creating great contents that your visitors can engage to. Plus, it comes with a lifetime of FREE updates since SEO factors are constantly changing.

To avoid the grueling task of keeping track of everything in your page, have this plugin, because this is exactly what you need. It is easy, complete and shows real results!

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SEOPressor Connect Review

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    is more likely to be psychological. Duplex ultrasound is used
    to evaluate blood flow, venous leak, signs of atherosclerosis, and scarring or calcification of erectile tissue.
    Injecting prostaglandin, a hormone-like stimulator produced in the body, induces erection. Ultrasound is
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    The diagnosis of male impotence is fairly easy. Determining why ED is occurring, on the other hand, can be more difficult.

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    Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is normal for a man to have five to six erections
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    Penile erection is managed by two different mechanisms.
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    Restriction of blood flow can arise from impaired endothelial function due to the usual
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    A few causes of impotence may be iatrogenic. Various antihypertensive
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    blood supply or by altering nerve activity. Antidepressants,
    especially SSRIs, can cause impotence as a side effect.
    Surgical intervention for a number of different conditions may remove
    anatomical structures necessary to erection, damage nerves,
    or impair blood supply. Some studies have shown that male circumcision may result in an increased risk of impotence, while others have found no such effect and another found the opposite.
    Excessive alcohol use has long been recognized as one cause of impotence, leading to the euphemism “brewer’s droop”; Shakespeare made light
    of this phenomenon in Macbeth. A study in 2002 found that ED can also be
    associated with bicycling. The number of hours on a bike and/or the pressure on the penis from the saddle of an upright bicycle is directly related to erectile dysfunction.

    Despite a wide range of treatment options, most men with erectile dysfunction (ED)
    don’t get treated, according to a new study. Dr.
    Brian Helfand, an assistant clinical professor of urology
    at Northshore University Health System and the University of Chicago.

    Helfand led the study, which looked at the medical records of more than 6 million men with
    an ED diagnosis. He is due to present his findings Monday at the American Urological Association annual meeting, in San Diego.
    The study was funded by the Havana Day Dreamers Foundation (which promotes men’s
    health), the Goldstein Fund in Male Pelvic Health and the SIU Urology Endowment Fund.

    Helfand used an insurance claims database and
    looked for the medical code for erectile dysfunction from June 2010 through July 2011.
    He found 6.2 million men aged 30 and older who received a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. ED is defined as an inability to
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    see how many filled a prescription. Patients were considered treated if
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    Even though erectile dysfunction is likely to become
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    Only about 18 percent of men aged 65 and above
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    The study didn’t have information on why the men went
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    The undertreatment, Helfand said, is probably a result of doctors often not offering the prescription or patients
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    Or a doctor may not write a prescription because he may not think
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    Other reasons, he said, could include costs and embarrassment.
    An expert who reviewed the study but was not involved said he isn’t sure if it mirrors real life.
    Dr. Jacob Rajfer, a professor of urology with the David Geffen School
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    Men might get to the pharmacy, see the cost of the
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    Because the new study was presented at a medical meeting, the data and conclusions should
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    More information: To learn more about erectile dysfunction, visit
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    Erectile Dysfunction Market report provides the overview of the Erectile
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    In the case report recently discussed in Retinal Cases and Brief
    Reports, a 31-year old male patient ingested a high dose of sildenafil citrate and experienced persistent visual disturbances.
    The drug was purchased from an internet store and was in liquid
    form. The patient did not measure the medication properly
    with the measuring device provided. The exact dose ingested is unknown but the patient reports taking
    more than the amount the measuring device would have delivered.
    Shortly after ingesting the high dose of sildenafil citrate, the patient experienced erythropsia, or red-tinted
    vision, in both eyes and a decrease in contrast. The patient
    also experienced multi-coloured flashes of light that resolved within about 24 hours.
    After two days of persistent red-tinted vision and a decrease in contrast, the patient sought medical attention.

    Six months after the ingestion, optical tests revealed dark
    spots in the retina consistent with a loss or death of photoreceptor cones.
    This case report, as well as another report from
    2017 published in JAMA Ophthalmology, highlight the
    dose-dependent visual toxicity of sildenafil citrate.

    The 2017 case report involved a patient who ingested 750 milligrams of sildenafil citrate
    and shortly after experienced similar visual
    side effects. Similarly, through electroretinogram testing, the patient showed global
    damage to the cone photoreceptors in the retina.
    Visual tests returned to normal after one year of persistent symptoms.
    Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra, conducted preclinical testing of 200 milligrams of sildenafil
    citrate, double the recommended dose, and revealed that 50%
    of patients experienced visual disturbances. Animal testing on mice revealed a gene that may identify
    patients more at risk of visual disturbances with sildenafil citrate.

    Mice with rd1 genes (retinitis pigmentosa genes) seem to be
    more susceptible to the visual toxicity caused by the
    inhibition of the PDE-6 protein. Two groups of mice were
    given high doses of sildenafil citrate. The mice with
    the rd1 gene did not recover from the visual toxicity whereas the mice without this
    gene mutation fully recovered after 48 hours.
    It is estimated that about 2% of the human population carries this gene mutation and
    may explain how some males may be more susceptible to the
    visual disturbances of sildenafil citrate than others.

    In this case report, the high dose of sildenafil citrate was identified as the cause of the visual toxicity experienced by this patient.
    A similar report in 2017 and the preclinical data from Pfizer
    confirm the results. Animals studies reveal a possible gene mutation that
    may explain the increased susceptibility of visual toxicity after
    ingestion of high doses of sildenafil citrate. One limitation to this case report is the absence
    of purity testing from the liquid sildenafil citrate purchased online.

    It is unknown whether the patient was exposed to other potential contaminants
    that may affect vision. 1. Yanoga F, Gentile RC, Chui TYP, et al.
    Sildenafil Citrate Induced Retinal Toxicity-Electroretinogram,
    Optical Coherence Tomography, and Adaptive Optics Findings.
    Retin Cases Brief Rep. 2. Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information, Inc.

    Revatio Market report categorizes the Market value by manufactures, regions, Types, and Applications.
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    The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, found that
    a history of sexually transmitted disease also has an impact on sexual health later in life.
    People who had an STD are also more likely to have had sexual experiences over their lifetimes that included more risks
    and multiple sex partners. Men are more than five times as likely to report sex as non-pleasurable if they have previously had an STD.
    Laumann was joined in writing the paper by University researcher Aniruddha Das, and Linda Waite, the Lucy Flower Professor in Sociology at the University.
    The study showed that women may be more likely than men to experience
    sexual dysfunction because of health issues. The most common problem
    for men is erectile dysfunction, a problem that increases with age.

    The new study found that among older women, a common factor correlated with sexual dysfunction was urinary tract syndrome, which was associated with decreased interest in sex,
    as were mental health issues such as anxiety.
    Among men, mental health issues and relationship problems contributed
    to a lack of interest in sex and the inability to achieve orgasm, while being treated for
    urinary tract syndrome was associated with trouble maintaining and achieving
    an erection. Daily alcohol consumption seems to improve a woman’s sexual health, increasing
    her interest and pleasure in sex. Among men, there was no reported impact of alcohol
    consumption. Demographic characteristics and cultural factors also are related
    to sexual performance, the study found. Hispanic women were
    twice as likely to report pain during intercourse.
    Among men, blacks were twice as likely to report a lack of interest in sex and more likely to report climaxing too early.

    Moving to a quiet street may be one of the best
    things you can do for your sex life, if the results of a
    study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine is anything to go by.
    Researchers at Guangzhou University, China, tested the effects of motor vehicle exhaust (VE) on erectile performance – at least, in rats.
    Their verdict: Pollution is not good for
    erectile function. Or, indeed, health in general.
    For the study, the rats were split into four groups of 10 individuals, each exposed to
    different levels of VE over a three-month period. The first group (the control) were not exposed
    to VE at all, whereas the other three were exposed
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